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Alejandro Ramírez Tabche affirms that a stronger and more united industry stands out.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of Covid-19 led to a change in the way of interacting; if we transfer these changes to the field of event organization, today we see the adoption of concrete actions to preserve the health of those who begin to interact in a physical space for the purpose of training and doing business.

Many of these protocols that are being established in practically all countries are here to stay, which is a positive thing. So thinks the CEO of Business Travel Consulting (BTC): 

"Personal hygiene is always important and these new measures we are implementing today will stay forever." 

A question of creativity
The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated certain processes, such as those involving the adoption of technology, but what for many is representing an innovative scenario, for others it has limited them due to the increase in economic resources involved. For the prominent planner, this is a mistaken idea.

"Today technology is part of the offer for hybrid events, but I think it is not necessary to make a large investment. There are many digital platforms, such as Zoom, and other tools that today allow us to organize more efficient meetings. It is not always a question of economy, it is more valuable to sharpen creativity and have a greater adaptation to different scenarios," he says.

BTC's main tool to combat the ravages of the crisis consists of leveraging the strengths of its team, organizing meetings to perfection, attracting new business and taking risks to achieve success.  

Is technology also here to stay? 
Everything in life needs balance, and that is where BTC's leader agrees. From his point of view, incorporating some technological tools is an advantage in many cases.

"If there is a speaker who has to travel many hours to get to another country, perhaps it will be more convenient to have a virtual presence; if technology facilitates processes or helps to save economic resources, there is no reason not to use it". 

In spite of the fact that, due to the current situation, hybrid events are an alternative, the use of technology to relate to each other will not be a constant, according to Alejandro.

"It is currently a solution, but it will not be predominant. We will continue to organize face-to-face events because human beings need contact and a personalized approach. At BTC we have privileged physical contact and we also have a 360° platform to organize large-scale virtual events."  

BTC's CEO assures that the success he has achieved hand in hand with his team is based on creating original solutions to offer his clients, at all times, the best option.  

The biggest challenge?  
For the creative, organizing hybrid events is not a big change. "Actually it all depends on the event, if it is necessary to make a transmission with several talks simultaneously it is more complex... before only streaming was used, today we need to connect all attendees in an accessible way and, above all, develop good content."

Awareness to keep moving forward  
Another topic that could become a guiding axis is sustainability. In this regard, Ramírez Tabche comments that this is another process that accelerated the Covid-19 pandemic, and envisions a scenario in which new measures that will contribute to the care of the natural environment will gradually "parade". "We will gradually migrate from the tangible to the digital, we will print much less, we will be even more careful to avoid food waste, we will replace pet with glass or our own containers and of course we will choose venues that adopt Social Responsibility actions." 

He also stresses the importance of working with certified suppliers because "now we are all concerned about incorporating adequate processes that generate greater safety". 

A more united industry 
Alejandro Ramírez Tabche concludes by stressing that from the whirlwind of this global challenge, a stronger and more united industry stands out, although the challenge, he accepts, is still "to communicate better, so that they see that it is not all sun and sand". 


Alejandro R. Tabche CEO BTC



Alejandro R. Tabche


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