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Work as we know has changed. Human progress is inevitable, and there cannot be progress without change. The meeting industry requires new digital tools, as most of them are no longer sufficient to thrive in the current situation of our industry.

Today, any field including MICE, legal, finance, biotech, energy, healthcare, education, etc., is wide open to revolutionary transformational development.

There is a major shift currently taking place in the skills set people need to stay relevant; expertise is becoming mundane thanks to automation. So far, humans are vastly superior at any work that relies on creativity, entrepreneurial-ism, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

But the future is uncertain. It is even much more frightening when you think about all the elements that technology can take away from you. One of the most important ingredients to succeed in life and business is the ability to adapt as technology changes and new trends emerge in a fast-paced digital world.

Global connectivity, artificial intelligence and new digital media are some of the most important drivers that are reshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills we need to be productive that will contribute to the world in the near future. Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement,
achievement, and success have no meaning.

The rise of artificial intelligence and apps, the digital era, super structured organisations and the connectivity around the world are driving change the likes of which we have never seen before. People are afraid of losing their jobs. There is always the risk of getting fired.

But you can change that. You can start preparing yourself for the future of work by investing in yourself and what matters to you.

1. Improve your virtual collaboration skills

For many employees, spending every day in an office is no longer a necessity. A lot more companies are now embracing virtual collaboration.

The ability to use tools and resources to communicate with teams from different locations is more important than ever. The need to communicate with, and lead, remote teams is creating a new management style, not necessarily difficult to learn, however, teamwork may need to be unlearned, relearning new ways to interact for better results.

The ability to work onsite and remotely will become even more crucial in future years.
You can start learning how to apply virtual skills; to be prepared and ready when management starts to embrace the idea of remote working.

The possibility that your company will work with a higher number of freelancers is just one step away from becoming a reality.

2. Digital and media is our focus for the time being

Everyday life is now abuzz with varying new media types and platforms that keep changing.

The ability to make connections and engage audiences across different networks is required nowadays. Can you connect the dots in our industry when it comes to interpreting social data?

Customer demands will always change. How soon can you identify a shift in consumer trends? Can you predict and follow trends in the MICE industry and most importantly take advantage of them?

Whereas it used to be sufficient to sell a product and receive revenues, customers now seek to connect with other like-minded individuals to get the most value in the long run.

Not sure what skills you should be developing? Start asking questions, attend digital conferences and take relevant online courses to upgrade yourself and prepare for the future.

3. Boost your creative intelligence skills.

Machines cannot topple the innate human ability to create. With time, Al will eventually develop creative ideas but humans will still be in charge of most creative industries. We all have basic creative skills since personal thoughts themselves are already creative, all the thinking we have is unique. Creativity is a process in which each person intervenes, but it can be learned with methodology, perseverance and practice.

Get inspired. We have a lot of material outside that we can use as inspiration to develop the creativity that we carry within.

Write, take pictures, draw or watch a movie, but move your mind; it will help you shape your thoughts and perspective.

Anyone can drop a complaint into the suggestion box, but the mark of a truly great employee is coming up with solutions to pressing problems.

Show that you care — not only about your own career but about the long-term health of the business as well. Think about something relevant or moving or the best way to get your company closer to its goals.

You cannot fight innovation or disruption, but you can change yourself with time to be more relevant when the future arrives; you can be superior at what you do, you should be mastering the right skills... right now!


Ariadna Sánchez Marketing Manager BTC



Ariadna Sánchez
Marketing Manager BTC


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