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Dear Mr. Covid-19:

As you write these lines, you and I do not know each other, fortunately. I do not know exactly where he was born (although it is suspected), I do not know his background, much less his plans. What I do know is that this letter becomes necessary in the face of his behavior and manner.

Let's do a brief count.

At the time of this writing you have killed, (you heard correctly) killed over 216,000 people worldwide. You have infected more than three million people; It has left billions of people unemployed and has made the world economy depress to the bone.

You have had, for weeks, millions of doctors, nurses, nurses, stretcher-bearers, hospital staff, etc. even working in hospital corridors and receptions, family members praying and comforting their own patients at a distance; families dismissing their members in the distance; it has aroused feelings of terrible uncertainty and panic among all of us who live here.

I must admit that we all underestimated it, that we thought it would be the note of a couple of weeks and that's it. That nothing would turn off the music of the party, that this presence woukd be temporary and buriedon the shelves of thr statics of pandemics. We were seriously wrong.

Let us accept that you have managed to surrender to the largest economies in the world, sink more to those that always sink; He got planes to stop flying, hotels to close their doors, and people to stop gathering. He managed to stop us, change our plans.

However, the fact that you are boasting about this solitary triumph right now has its great nuances. It is but a collective triumph. His side was joined by the indiscipline of the peoples, the disbelief of the inept, the fanaticism of the supporters of populist and banana politicians, the ignorance of those who do not read, the desire to follow a rhythm that should be suspended and finally the infinite cruelty of bad world leadership. So first of all I ask you for a minimum of humility in victory to recognize that your victory is collective.

Finally I have the most devastating news for you, we will beat it. Maybe we will be late, but finally we will attend his funeral with his death rattles as background music, we will be full of joy to turn it into a memory, we will dance again, travel and meet again. We will count ourselves among those who are alive again and we will remember those who left with deep respect. We will remove our hat before the heroes who defeated it as giants, thus we will see each person who wears a white coat in the battle for health. They saved us.

Perhaps Mr. Covid, we should even thank you for making us be a little wiser than yesterday and knowing that nothing makes sense if we are not healthy, thank you for that, but please, leave where you came and let us celebrate life.

Gerardo Matienzo Chief Communications Officer BTC y Big Fish / Price Travel Holding 

Gerardo Matienzo 

 Chief Communications Officer BTC y Big Fish / Price Travel Holding


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