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The key is to turn the event into a memorable moment in which the assistant stops being a simple spectator and acquires an active role through different actions that connect him to the event.

When you organize an event, you know that date must be unforgettable for attendees. Therefore, creating a unique experience is increasingly a priority on the agenda of the organizers. But how to do it? The key is to turn the event into a memorable moment in which the assistant ceases to be a mere spectator and acquires an active role through different actions that connect him to the event.

We all know of the great value of the experiences: those experiences that will be remembered in time and that move the assistant to a specific moment. Including them in the event helps us create an emotional bond with our brand. In addition, on many occasions, these experiences are much more enduring and impactful than a tangible product. And is that the experiential events, along with the commitment to sustainability, inclusion and diversity with respect to attendees or the implementation of technological advances.

Below, you will find some ideas with which to include the experiential factor in your event to make this a unique and memorable experience among the attendees.


  •  Make the previous experience fluid. Think that the event starts to warm up engines before the official start date. Your website should be the best spokesperson and exponent of it, distinguish yourself from the competition and, above all, facilitate the purchase process to attendees.

  • It generates interest. The previous actions that you carry out for the promotion of your event are key. Take advantage of social networks, as they are very powerful tools for the dissemination of your communication campaign. With this, you must impact (and attract) potential attendees to your event, in addition to generating a conversation around it.

  • Decorate the space in an attractive way. Whatever the theme of the event, it uses a striking decoration and defines appropriate sections for each of the activities (dancing, painting, resting, eating or socializing), so that they invite participation.

  • Create unique experiences that accompany the event. One part of your strategy should be to surprise attendees and leave them with a sense of wonder. If you are organizing a musical event, include a surprise concert in the program. Or if it is live art, it presents interactive audiovisual techniques where the assistant does not feel like a mere spectator, but is part of the exhibition.

  • Last but not least, thanks for the assistance. Take advantage of the last impulse of your event and, at the end, thank the visit to your attendees through communications on social networks, as a video posevento with the highlights. It is also a good opportunity to reward fidelity and establish a relationship of continuity with the audience through discounts and special offers for future occasions.

Experimental marketing is a successful tool to generate memorable experiences among those attending an event, since they are a golden opportunity to create a two-way conversation flow, where a close and close relationship is established between the attendee and the brand.

As you can see, experiential marketing focuses on the assistant and focuses on the benefits it obtains before, during and after the event. It is important to develop a content strategy that really reaches the consumer and that directly appeals to their feelings, sensations, thoughts and relationships. On the one hand, the assistant will identify (if the experience is good) positively with your brand, which will strengthen the relationship over time and will lead you to recommend the event to other possible attendees. On the other, the consumer will live new experiences and feel protagonist within them.

Implementing an experiential marketing strategy provides numerous benefits, both for the event and for the brand and, of course, attendees. Now that you know, what do you expect to implement these tips?

Source: Eventbrite


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