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Before you start sharing on any social network, breathe and think: in contacting me is it interesting to be?
When the time comes to prepare your marketing plan for events on social networks, the fundamental step is to choose in which social network you will be.

The 4 best social networks for event marketing

How can you know what are the best social platforms to develop your marketing strategy? The key to choosing a social network or another is knowing where the possible attendees of your event are.

To know the profile of your attendees, use the information you provide through surveys or sweepstakes (beware! You need their consent) and do not forget to check your results reports to see where your website's visitor traffic comes from.

Once you have this information, control the details that we give you below about the different social networks and the location where you are going to develop your marketing strategy.

Do we start...

1. Instagram
Instagram is the ideal social network to share photogenic events. According to Statista, this social network has achieved 1,000 million active users every month worldwide. If you are on Instagram you can reach possible attendees of all kinds of events: art festivals, elegant food and wine events, dance shows ... whatever you want!

According to the annual social networks report prepared by IAB Spain, Instagram is one of the social networks in which you should undoubtedly be, for these reasons:

· It is the fastest growing social network in recent years.
· It is one of the most valued social networks along with Spotify, YouTube and Whatsapp.
· If you want to set up an influencers marketing strategy, you must be on Instagram. 72% of social      network users remain influential, especially women and the youngest.
· 94% of the leading companies in the world have an Instagram profile.

Another reason why Instagram is the fashion social network is because of the stories. This Instagram option allows you to upload videos, photos, evaluations ... to your profile temporarily (disappears at 24 hours) or make live videos to interact with your followers.


If your Instagram account has a company profile and more than 10,000 followers, you can include in the stories a link that redirects the user to the website you want.

2. Facebook
With more than 2 billion active users in the world every month, Facebook is the most popular social network. In Spain it has suffered a decrease in the number of followers, but it is still the most visited social network. Users of all ages, genders and income levels navigate here.

One of Facebook's problems is that the news board is usually very saturated with the information of all your contacts and pages. In these circumstances, paid ads are the most reliable answer for your content to reach users.

If you create your event with Eventbrite you can link it with your Facebook account and sell tickets from this social network. Seize it!

3. Twitter
With 330 million active users per month worldwide, Twitter is ideal for reaching a young and tech-savvy audience.

The type of publications that predominate in this social network are current issues. There is no daily controversy that does not go through Twitter.
Although Twitter is the social network that has the highest abandonment rate, if you get your event to generate conversation between users, you can make it viral.

A tweet reaches its maximum reach 18 minutes after publishing it and then messages of up to 280 characters are lost in a marabunta against which you will have to compete.

On Twitter, a suitable hashtag can become your best friend. Do you know what Trending Topic is? It is the theme of the moment, the trend that everyone talks on in this social network and of course, where you want to get with your event.

4. LinkedIn
With 250 million active users per month (40% of them use the platform every day), LinkedIn is a social network with no competition in its sector. It is a social platform to create professional connections.

This social network is perfect to attract potential attendees to courses, conferences or educational and professional events.

The key to LinkedIn is to share content and events that add value to the professional profiles of users. Research conducted on this social network shows that publications have a better response when they are around 25 words long and are published during working hours from Tuesday to Thursday.

Once you have chosen your social network, do not forget to adapt the length and tone of the messages:

· Facebook: Close and emotional tone
· Instagram: Personal, close and emotional tone
· Twitter: Informal and informative tone
· Linkedln: Close and professional tone

Now you know what each social network is for and how they can help you as an organizer and your client to have a better diffusion of your event. Now, you can start.

Source: Eventbrite


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