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Events are part of our life and sometimes we are in them with the role of attendees and in others, we are the organizers themselves. So you know what you can find in the varied world of events, be in the group you are, here is a review of the ideas, formats and types of events that you can use to organize your event.

Types of events

  • Social: weddings, anniversaries or even happy hour
  • Corporate or business: fairs, conferences and meetings
  • Spiritual or community: spiritual retreats, yoga courses or charity dinners
  • Academics: professional classes, diploma deliveries or graduation parties
  • Cultural and leisure: such as festivals, shows and concerts
  • Sports: races, walks and games
  • Politicians: rallies, debates and demonstrations, or
  • Educational: talks, courses and congresses.

Most popular event formats

There are countless formats that you can use in your event, but we will focus on the most common and the most interesting. Before choosing one, be sure to which public you are going and which theme is the protagonist of your project. Once you have clear these points, you are ready to start choosing:

1. Webinar
This is an excellent alternative to gather a large number of people in a seminar in an interactive and attractive way. The webinar works as an online seminar in which attendees follow the content from any device and interact by chat.

2. Workshop
A workshop aims to help people put into practice what they have learned. This event format is usually combined with other types of training, such as classes, webinars or similar.

3. Congress
The main objective of a congress is to keep the participants up-to-date with news and new agreements regarding the central theme, which is usually professional. The periodicity of a congress can be annual or biennial and its duration, in general, varies between two and five days.

4. Career
Popular races are sports tests of participation or endurance with a specific distance or duration. On numerous occasions this type of event is used with a beneficial interest.

5. Fandom meeting
This event format brings together fans of a certain part of popular culture, usually called freak subcultures, such as science fiction, anime, and cult games or TV series.

6. Gastronomic Fair
This type of event offers a wide variety of food and drinks, usually from different manufacturers, producers or chefs.

7. Charity party
The charity events are used to raise funds for projects or NGOs. This type of format is usually developed in the form of a fair, a market with a great diversity of games, meals, drinks and attractions, popular races, or alternatives such as private parties. The important thing is that the main objective is to gather and mobilize the community to raise funds in favor of a cause.

8. Street parties
Street events are often organized to commemorate important events or historical anniversaries. These types of events are an ideal way to interact with neighbors and create community spirit. The problem? You must be especially attentive to the specific permits and regulations of each neighborhood.

9. Festivals
Many times before the word "festival", you think of music, but festivals can be about any subject. An organized series of concerts, culinary meetings, plays ... and usually take place in the same venue and for several days.

10. Hackathon
When you fill a room with programmers, designers and other digital professionals and ask them to build a prototype in a certain period of time, you find a hackathon or programming marathon.

11. Product launch
Product launch events are usually held in a party format to show the latest product or novelty of a company. In these events there are demonstrations, invited brands and important people, gathered around a catering to eat and snack to celebrate a success or launch.

12. Networking
Networking events are normally aimed at professionals and are aimed at creating contacts and links with companies and people from the specialized sector to which your business belongs.

13. Tasting
Like the free samples found when passing through restaurants, the tasting sessions offer a tempting taste of the taste that is to come. Within this format we can also include wine tastings or events where the objective is to discover a gastronomic product.

14. Tournament
Tournaments can feature any type of theme and are a type of events in which players compete, often before an audience that increases according to the level and degree of risk. One of the most famous is the world poker tournament, although there are many table games, online games and competition sports tournaments.

You already have a basic idea of ​​the main types and formats of events, the next thing is to start organizing yours. To continue learning how to create or promote your own event, visit our articles or free material that will give you great ideas to improve.


SOURCE: Eventbrite


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