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Every day, worldwide there are corporate events that try to surprise their customers and the audience. As meeting planners, the challenge lies not only in winning customers but in staying current and competitive in the meeting industry. It is important to keep in mind that there are constantly people and agencies of various sizes interested in innovating and offering innovative and disruptive content and formats that impact.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep up to date with the latest trends and newer and more disruptive ideas at the international level. As an organizer, knowing what they do in other countries and, in the case of each client, what is offered for each particular industry, will allow you to have a more complete vision, as well as more creative and fresh ideas.

Take into account the following 5 tips that will help you achieve more authentic events:


It offers integral solutions: one of the main limitations to achieve authentic events is that, on several occasions, customers hire several suppliers who fail to communicate and integrate for the benefit of each event.

Everyone makes isolated efforts that impact the results, so the suggestion is that you make sure you work with everyone in an integral way.

Tell stories: one of the attractions in corporate events that will always be a guarantee is the story you can tell. From the save the date, to the post event, you can generate a story that makes the audience feel part of it. An excellent idea is to support you in all five senses.

Get inspired: seeing what the competition does is a healthy exercise that serves to inspire you and to know what you can rescue and improve and also what you don't want to integrate into your events. It is not about copying but looking for various sources of inspiration. As an additional suggestion, look at everything around you; Sometimes, the best ideas come from the simplest things.

Dream and land your ideas: daydreaming and imagining are two incredible actions that manage to sort and put in your mind all the ideas you have and it is very good that you do, but the important thing is that it passes from your mind to reality. Don't be afraid to suggest different ideas; Be sure to justify them to increase the chances that your customers will be as excited as you are.

Lean on technology: although technology in the organization of events is a reality in the world, it is also present within many corporate meetings, but although not all industries integrate it, if it is common in large events, so If you have a budget that allows you to rely on technology, we suggest that you look for or generate ideas that are not typical, for example, the dynamics with oculus (virtual reality through a pair of lenses), are incredible. Achieving authentic events is a matter of practice, effort, constant updating, observation, creativity, enthusiasm, passion and much love for what you do.

Source: MDC


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