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In these moments when everything seems to happen online, live events are strengthening their role of activation strategies because they serve to create a more authentic emotional bond between brands and consumers. But what is the key to creating such connections in events?

In today's busy virtual world, brands tenaciously compete for consumer attention through advertising, email marketing, social networks and more. In the midst of the growing noise of digital marketing in our daily lives, there are fewer opportunities for consumers to become humanly involved with a brand. Live events are one of them.

Live activation strategies allow consumers to better interact with a brand and foster connections and loyalty that will influence their future purchasing decisions. But how to capitalize on face-to-face interactions in events and lead attendees to believe in a brand and what it represents?

The importance of emotions in activation strategies.
Emotions play an important role in marketing. Developing some kind of emotional bond with a brand is a strong driver for decision making; Immersive marketing techniques can be one of the best tools to attract the public in a way that passive marketing cannot. People feel overwhelmed by all the information that can be found online, and with the rise of false news and privacy issues, they want to return to the basics of the real and authentic experience.

Building a positive emotional bond is key to increasing brand awareness and fostering an enriching environment that ultimately leads to lead generation. There is research that shows that 74% of consumers have a better opinion of a product or service after attending a brand event, while 70% are more likely to become regular customers after an experimental marketing event.


Creating immersive experiences

As in many other circumstances, a team effort is required from the beginning when it comes to creating events. From the client summary, the presentation phase and the planning of strategies to generate the event. Each of the parties brings their own set of skills and points of view to ensure that all elements of the puzzle align. A strong visual identity, the right tone of voice and perfect execution are essential to create a 360-degree experience. After client validation, each aspect of the event is designed to ensure the most entertaining and enriching event experience for attendees. It's about not being boring, but visually attractive and captivating. Of course, the stronger the brand and the consumer's attachment to it, the more you can play with it throughout the event space. 

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