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It is no secret that the technology used in an exhibition continues to evolve. And while some new applications and software were designed for expos, some others were designed for the fair's assistant. In any case, new technologies are changing the way events are organized and experienced.

For Meeting Planners, exhibitors, or anyone who participates in fairs or congresses, there are essential technologies that can be used to improve the visitor experience. Here are some of them.


About 92% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 in the United States have a smartphone, which means they also have access to the Internet wherever they go. As a result, it is increasingly common for trade fairs to build their own applications. Many of these App are specialized and allow exhibitors to communicate with visitors in real time through notifications.

This is an infallible way for smaller exhibitors to notice and win visitors. When an event attendee pulls out his smartphone and sees a message from an exhibitor inviting them to his stand, he creates a more realistic and humanistic approach to gain traffic. However, it should be borne in mind that notification alerts should adapt to the interests of the attendees and offer a direct message that has value.

According to event organizers, there are five main benefits of mobile applications related to events. The most relevant benefit is the comfort of the attendees by 16%, followed by the commitment of the attendees, cost savings of printing, data collection and measurement of ROI, and finally, new sponsorship opportunities. It is essential to take into account these advantages are decisive to know if a mobile application is suitable for your commercial exhibition.

Recharge stations:

Many congresses and fairs have begun offering public mobile phone charging stations. But if an event does not offer this service, it can create an important opportunity for exhibitors who need it.

This is a fundamental piece of technology with a number of benefits. But the fact is that, even if your stand presents a lot of digital aspects inspired by smartphones, users will not be able to do anything more than see and hear if their phones do not have battery power.

On top of that, having a charging station available for general use is a brilliant way to attract people from other sectors who might not be interested in your services. Experts recommend offering some snacks or drinks, encouraging social media messages and, in general, keeping guests entertained.


The striking visual images have become an integral part of the appeal of any commercial exhibition. However, in 2017 visual images involve much more than well-designed print graphics.

Today, interactive and digital exhibition booths have become standard in many large events. Specifically, touch screens are a popular way to attract attendees to the event. Even better, these types of visual images are perfect for attracting social media posts.

Finally, as exhibitions continue to grow in popularity, so will the technology that allows exhibitors to communicate and engage with their audiences.

By: Sam Smith, President and CEO of Network Events, Inc.

Source: www.corbinball.com


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