el 2020-01-15 18:13:07

The business of meetings is in the midst of an exciting revolution: sad days, luckily, similar events are coming to an end, as technological solutions enhance the experience of attendees. Meetings are becoming increasingly attractive, more interesting and more valuable as technological solutions enhance the experience of attendees.

For event professionals, the technological revolution represents incredible opportunities. The planning of the meetings will be easier, as will the organization of logistics and the management of the experience of the attendees on the day of the event. Creativity can thrive when augmented reality, live question and answer sessions, digital heat maps and other advanced solutions become not only viable but also affordable. The places are integrating new science fiction style tools, which include beacon technology and 3-D visualizations that facilitate the search for roads.

"Many of our clients think innovatively in terms of the attendees' experience," said Chandra Allison, senior vice president of sales for The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. "The groups have really adopted interactivity and immersive experience areas, turning their assistants into participants."

This report on the future of event technology examines some of the main trends in the meetings and events sector, along with case studies of meetings of all sizes that have successfully integrated the latest technology into these revolutionary tools. Through interviews with industry experts, hospitality experts and event professionals, this report explores the promising future of what follows.



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