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Use the most efficient registration system

As a starting point and to take a good first step, we must be clear about our target audience and know it: know who they are, what they want and how they work.

The moment to register for an event is the one that has to provide us with more information to obtain a segmentation value. For this, in addition to the basic and useful contact information that includes, for example, the most direct telephone or cell number ...

In the registry yes or yes they have to provide information, therefore it is necessary to take advantage of a segmentation value at each stage of the registry.

You can open fields on the size of the company, its specific activity, the types of services that interest you, improvements that it pursues in its equipment or if they are active in a field, in which our own company also proposes services. With all this, other business opportunities can be identified and the event better conceived.

Track who is who in social networks

Detect who are the most active attendees in social networks or the influential experts on the theme of our event. You can use existing tools or agencies for a personalized service.

In the MICE sector, ICCA offers a tool that allows to know for each field (especially medical), who are the most influential professionals.

Live surveys: training or laboratory sessions

It is about taking advantage of an event with a smaller number of attendees, to capture information and opinions.

For this you can include an exercise with tablets or simply with an app on the cell phone in which each one will have to answer some questions about the product, or assess three aspects of it that convince or convince you less. At the end of the session there is information on what each department knows, thinks and demands.

As Nadine Vienne of Nissan Europe said, thanks to this type of solutions the event becomes a spectacular generator of knowledge of the target, about what they think, know and want.

Analyze the logs of your event website

To know which sections are the most visited, which speakers generated the most interest with advanced tools, you can know how long a user was in a section or how many times he entered.

This information is useful for the design of promotional messages in your next visits, on the same subject of your interest.

For this, the web should not be a static catalog and tools should be used for the promotion of the event / web such as e-mail, social networks ... and the consequent adaptation of our marketing.

What does it do and where are the attendees to your event?

With the event app or the Wi-Fi network itself, you can follow the assistance / attention given to each of the activities of the program, in which areas are the busiest to use the Internet or how many leave before the end of a training session

Another means are heat maps or frequent routes, useful for managing prices by zone, knowing where to put the most important messages, among others.

Source: http://www.eventoplus.com.mx/articulo/2847/4/pasos-hacia-el-big-data/


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