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Event organizers are always in search of new aspects to be implemented, so it is important to be aware of the trends that move globally. Here some of them.

1. The influencers in your event

The influencers is a topical issue, that is why if you consider inviting them to your event you should think about how they can interact with the audience. Remember that their Social Networks are very important, which is why you should think about the way in which they interact with the other attendees, as well as make your event an "instagrammable" event.

2. Tourism and the locality

Nobody wants to be a cliché tourist, that is, someone who has no true respect for the environment, and is afraid to experience new things. Today people want to experience the lives of the locals and find the hidden gems of destiny. The answer: Less glamor and more authenticity and simplicity.

3. The urban escape

Urbanization is one of the biggest mega-trends of today. Large cities accelerate countries' economies, and globally people are moving to cities that pursue opportunities. What if silence and calm is the next big thing? Organizers need to create environments where attendees can escape the bustle of modern cities.

4. Involve live broadcasts

An experimental campaign has digital and analog, virtual and physical nuances. The streaming of an event must already be a norm, when the objective is to maximize its scope. The next step for organizers is to make live broadcasts as attractive as the on-site experience.

5. Personal growth

The biggest mistake that any company is planning an event according to their own needs. The smartest thing that any brand or company can do is to organize an event according to the needs of the audience, offering opportunities for personal growth, if they want to reach potential customers.

By: Timo Kiuru

Source: www.specialevents.com


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