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The pre-event briefing is the last meeting your team must have before the event begins. It is usually celebrated the day before the event and revolves around the last minute details and dynamics on the site.

Although many of the things you should discuss during the pre-event briefing have already been established and decided a long time ago, it is important to agree on the action plan and the tasks that each team member will have. Here is a list of topics that you should definitely review during the pre-event meeting:

1. Tickets and the registration procedure.
Obviously, this aspect should be discussed when designing the event so that you can prepare the procedure accordingly (through automatic QR codes, a desk where attendees will receive additional information, etc.).

However, during the pre-event information meeting, you must configure all the dynamics, in addition to designating team members. You must decide how many people will be at the reception desk, who will be in charge of what (for example, one person could scan the QR code, while another person delivers the gift bags). By discussing this one day in advance, your team members will know exactly what they have to do on the morning of the event, which will speed up the entire procedure and make the registration run smoothly for your attendees.

2. Parking and access
Will attendees travel by public transport or by car? Will they need access to the parking lot? Did you talk about this with the security of the place? To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should review this final detail during the pre-event briefing and then take the necessary measures to ensure a friendly flow and reception of the attendees.

3. The protocol for important guests
Although this is not the case for all events, there are events in which high-ranking people are expected. From members of the government to influential figures, you will have to prepare your team to receive these important guests. In the pre-event meeting, discuss who will take care of these guests and accompany them throughout the event (if these guests have requested full-time assistance).

If you are receiving high-ranking international guests, you may want to discuss with the protocol cabinet an important local figure about the possibility of inviting that person to receive high-level guests. If these important figures participate in the opening activity, it is crucial to agree on their location and order of conversation during the dynamic. You must finalize these details during the pre-event meeting.

4. Distribution of tasks on the site
There is no shortage of activities and tasks that an event team must handle during an event. Be it check-in, control of room doors or supervision of translation headphones, an efficient workflow should be organized. That is why it is essential to discuss and confirm the distribution of tasks on the site during the pre-event briefing.

5. Plan B
In some cases, you may not be sure of the outcome of certain activities or have doubts about unconfirmed problems. For example, you may not be sure if a speaker will arrive on time, since everything in our city can happen. In this case, during the pre-event information meeting, you must plan a second option for these problems.

6. Emergency contacts
Another important issue is to define an emergency contact list and share that list with your team members. Make sure everyone has access to these important phone numbers.

The pre-event briefing is one of the most important configurations that define the planning process itself. Being a meeting for last-minute details and distribution of tasks on the site, it is crucial to discuss all doubts and questions that your team members may have. After the briefing, everyone should know their homework on the day of the event and what their responsibilities are in case they have to switch to plan B.

Good luck!

Source: https://www.eventplanner.net/news/8740_this-is-what-you-must-discuss-at-the-preevent-briefing-meeting.html


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