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Companies spend thousands of dollars to connect their employees, partners and customers. But when it comes to measuring the success of your events, they end up in a black box. These are the key metrics that event organizers can collect and analyze using smart badges to measure the overall success of an event:

1. Visits: the number of total and unique visits to your session or stand.

2. Duration of the visit: the average time spent in your session or stand.

3. Connections: the total number of people who exchanged contact information in networking events.

4. Commitment: the total amount of marketing materials collected by attendees by speakers, sponsors and event organizers.

5. Live maps: an immediate measure of the number of people on the exhibition floor and where they meet.

6. Bounce rate: Total unique visits by an assistant who visited a stand or other place only once.

7. Through scoring: a single metric that combines all the metrics to assess the overall performance of an event.

As we develop these metrics and a history of the events of a company with smart badges, it will be easier to link the data to the bottom line. This new technology combined with powerful analysis tools is allowing event marketing teams to control their own destiny.

Source: http://blog.etouches.com


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