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Until a few years ago the organizing companies saw ROI (Return On Investment) as a series of abstract aspects that had to be measured throughout the event. Sometimes having a brand presence was enough to have a strategy, but without really measuring the return on investment.

Today, having data related to our meetings becomes indispensable for us and also for our clients and the theme of ROI has become more important for all the tools we have today. The evolution of the events also includes obtaining results and the strategies are aimed at having a qualitative and quantitative return and demonstrating the benefits quickly.

Before getting to work in the development of an event, we have to know where it is going to move, that is, to have our planning map, to the goal we want to reach. This is:

The previous one. It is usually intertwined with the promotion, and is easy to measure since it is reflected in the assistance. At this point, surveys should also be carried out to determine the objectives that the client wishes to achieve, from the point of view of the event, the sponsors and the organizers.

During the development. This stage is very important because we can use technology. You can measure the interactions of those attending certain talks with the new tools to gather information at the same moment it is being carried out.

Post event At this point the reaction of the public and the business relationships that were made are relevant. It is essential to be very attentive to the behavior and impact of the user, satisfaction towards the meeting, the brand and the sponsorships.

Social networks as support for ROI. Like any other measurement tool, you have to set the objectives and see what social networks we can use according to the event, ranging from contacting customers with people who want to reach, levels of satisfaction, to reactions of the attendees.

Today, there is a wide variety of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., that can be used throughout the meeting, there to share presentations, program of activities, speaker biographies and last minute changes, to name a few . This is achieved through groups that can be created for the same event.

Thus, some social networks that can be used exclusively by the congress or convention. There you can upload information in a simple way, make a network of contacts with the people who attended the event and, if you would like, have contact with them at the end of it.

Hashtags have become one of the easiest ways to promote, as well as to make known to our community what is being talked about in a certain congress somewhere in the world. But, please, it is important that the hashtag be communicated and placed in a visible place for the audience to know and participate with their comments.

It is essential that the measurement of Social Networks during the event is active in order to reach the planned objectives. Exchanging ideas, asking questions and answering any questions in real time, as well as the evaluation of some messages and interactions will be invaluable for your client.

Finally, we must bear in mind that our clients will always want to see their investment re-established and they need statistics that indicate how the entire event took place, without a doubt these new tools will be very useful.

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